While the unemployment lines grow longer, NoMaas wants to use its government stimulus money to bring in the best & brightest baseball nerds who are still living in their mothers’ basements. With the functionality and features available with our new site, we’re looking to expand our coverage and bring our visitors more analysis, commentary, and pictures of Brian Cashman’s head on the bodies of rappers. So, we need to make some additions to the NoMaas staff in order to accomplish this.

This is what we’re looking for:

Huge freakin’ nerds: We need some statistically-inclined geeks to assist us in providing player recommendations and overall commentary. One of the chief roles of new staffers will be to write “Quick Analytical Blurbs” (QABs), which are 1-3 paragraphs of statistical observations and opinions. We’re not looking for long articles. We want concise, quick-hitting posts that provide our visitors with unique insight.

Photoshoppers: If you haven’t noticed, we like to make funny pictures. If you like to make funny pictures, you could be a NoMaas funny-picture maker.

Minor league correspondents: We’d like to cover more of the day-to-day action of the Yankee minor league affiliates. However, this doesn’t mean we want to provide daily box scores and posts like, “Hey, Austin Romine had a good game yesterday.” Basically, we’re looking for minor league QABs writers — insight and opinion.

A few other things that any potential applicant should take into consideration before he/she sends that email to us

1. These positions are unpaid. We all do this for the love.
2. We want people who are committed to contributing on a consistent basis. We’re not looking for one-hit wonders.
3. We’re not in the news business. We’re in the opinion business.

If you’re interested in joining the NoMaas staff, just contact us and let us know what role you’re applying for. It would also be helpful to provide a little background info on yourself, why you want to join the NoMaas staff, and what your favorite piece of produce is.

Contact NoMaas here.