Overrated. Product of Coors. Can’t field. He sucked in Oakland. Not worth the money.

These are some of the common critiques we’ve seen regarding Matt Holliday. But, we couldn’t disagree with them more and we’d love to see Holliday roaming LF for the Yankees next season. He’d be an amazing piece to add to the Yanks’ quest for a repeat, not too mention a significant upgrade over Johnny Damon.


Since when is .313/.394/.515/.909, 139 OPS+, 5.7 WAR overrated?

Oh yeah, for all you WAR buffs, Holliday accumulated more wins above replacement than Mark Teixeira did in 2009 (5.7 to 5.1), and also cumulative over the past 2 seasons (11.9 to 11.8).

Yeah, but Holliday is overrated (insert rolling eyes emoticon).

Product of Coors?

Again, he put up a .909 OPS this season outside of Colorado. And look at his park-adjusted numbers while he was in Coors. They all show him to be an excellent hitter.

OPS+ last 3 seasons at Coors
2006: 137
2007: 151
2008: 138

And if that doesn’t wet your whistle, just look at his road splits while in Colorado:

2006: .280/.333/.485/.819
2007: .301/.374/.485/.860
2008: .308/ .405/.486/.892

Not exactly someone who struggled to hit away from home — and someone who improved each season.

Can’t field?

UZR/150 in 2009: +6.0 (Johnny Damon: -12.1, Jason Bay: -11.2)
Hardball Times’ RZR: .960 (2nd best among ML LFs who played at least 500 innings at position)

Sucked in Oakland?

Sure, judge a guy based on 93 games in an 854 game career. But, did he really suck in Oakland? Most players would love to have a .286/.378/.454/.831 line.

Not worth the money?

If you put any weight into Fangraphs’ player values, he was worth $25.6 million in 2009 and $28 million in 2008.

For once, we actually agree with Scott Boras. Matt Holliday is a star, is in his prime, and at age 30, he’d be one of the younger players in the Yankees lineup.