There have been a few developments in the chase for the Aroldis Chapman, the Cuban boy.

First, in the “Wow, what an ungrateful di*k” category:

Cuban pitching phenom Aroldis Chapman has fired the representative who helped him gain free agency, his former agency confirmed Saturday.

Edwin Mejia, of Athletes Premier International, had represented Chapman soon after he defected from the Cuban national team in July.

Mejia had started negotiations with several major league teams, but Chapman switched to veteran agents Randy and Alan Hendricks, Randy confirmed to ESPN The Magazine on Saturday.

The timing of Chapman’s decision is curious considering he and Mejia were linked as recently as this week. When asked by ESPN The Magazine on Monday what Chapman’s time frame was for making a decision on signing, Mejia replied in an e-mail, “We hope to have him preparing for spring training with his new club as soon as it’s possible.”

Also last week, Mejia took Chapman on a round of interviews with Sports Illustrated, The Associated Press and ESPN Deportes


And now, in the “We thought the Red Sox didn’t have any money” category:

Many in baseball believe either the Yanks or Sox will sign Aroldis Chapman, a 21-year-old left handed pitcher who has hit 102 miles per hour on the radar gun. Chapman, who defected from Cuba last July and is a free agent, might be the best pitching prospect not already in a major league organization.

“He is an extremely talented guy,” says one baseball executive who has seen Chapman pitch. “My bet is that it’ll come down to the Yankees and Red Sox, like it always does now. Most of us believe that. To them, it’s only money.”


Will another international incident result in the chase for the Cuban boy?