The Angels and free-agent designated hitter Hideki Matsui have agreed on a one-year contract. The deal is worth slightly more than $6 million. The agreement was first reported by The New York Times.


This one hurts a little bit. It’s going to be very, very weird to see Hideki in another uniform giving his customary nod to the umpire. After 7 years and a 124 OPS+, Hideki is no longer a New York Yankee. Sad.

But sentiments aside, this is a steal for the Angels. A one-year deal at $6 mil+ is a bargain for a hitter of Hideki’s quality, and you really have to wonder what the Yankees were thinking on this one. Yes, the Yankees have higher priorities than filling their DH position, as they’ve said, but that doesn’t mean you completely ignore your other positions of need. Ever hear of multi-tasking? Even at his age and with his problematic knees, what’s not to like about Hideki at $6 mil for a year?

Right now, we’ll give the Yankees the benefit of the doubt. They must have another DH solution targeted if they were willing to let this blue light special pass them by (at least we hope). Nick Johnson remains our first choice.

Word is that Hideki will be moving to a home in the San Fernando Valley.