NoMaas writer and ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras is currently on an international book signing tour, but took a few minutes to draft a year-end wrap up for our readers.

According to one of history’s most influential philosophers, Pythagoras concluded the Yankees should have finished with a 95-67* record, appropriate for the 915 runs scored and 753 runs allowed. However, due to His divine mercy, the Yankees finished with a 103-59 record, exceeding their Pythagorean record by 8 games to the upside.

The Pythagorean records for the rest of the AL East, actual record in parentheses:

Boston: 93-69 (95-67)
Tampa: 86-76 (84-78)
Toronto: 84-78 (75-87)
Baltimore: 69-93 (64-98)

The takeaway from this is that the Yankees likely weren’t 8 games better than the Red Sox, as the final standings showed. It looks like the main contributor for the gap over Boston was the Yankees 7-3 record in extra inning games versus Boston’s 4-6. Praise be to Pythagoras!

*We’ve seen Pythagorean records showing the Yankees anywhere between 95 and 97 wins, but a margin of 2 games over Boston remains constant.

Pythagoras, we are not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and we shall be healed.