Just read this article on Foxsports by a guy in a cowboy hat.

It’s basically an open-ended question as to whether Boras misjudged the market for Holliday when he turned down a 4-year, $18 mil AAV extension from the Rockies.

Problem is, there doesn’t appear to be the anticipated market. Teams are taking a closer look at budgets, and the fact that several teams, including the Los Angeles Angels, a big spender, have indicated they don’t want to get involved with Boras clients limits where the big-bucks deals can be found.

St. Louis has made an offer to retain Holliday, but the indications are the multi-year deal doesn’t even average out at the $18 million Holliday turned his nose up at from the Rockies. And the Cardinals are claiming that if they don’t have a deal with Holliday in place in the next couple of days they will look at their alternatives.

If Holliday’s price is really dropping, then this is just another reason why the Yankees should be all over him. Holliday is a superstar.