We received a boatload of applications (thank you kindly) and the selection process was difficult, but we made our decisions. It’s time to meet the new and improved NoMaas staff. They’ve been working behind the scenes for the past couple weeks, learning the ropes and participating in hazing rituals. And we’re happy to say they’ve earned the right to have their identities revealed.

The no0bs

MLB writers:
Jake Fratelli
Marshall Seymour
Pythagoras of Samos
Max Rockatansky
Mick Shrimpton
Wade Garrett

Minor League Writers:
Gerry Wallace
Admiral Firmus Piett

Stringfellow Hawke
Moses Hightower
Michael Knight

The vets

Sensei John Kreese (Ayatollah)
Reginald Cornelius III (writer/photoshopper)
Louis Winthorpe III (photoshopper/commodities trader)
Miss Elizabeth (manager)

The new and improved NoMaas Staff