From Marky Mark Feinsand:

Damon is still seeking a three-year contract without taking a pay cut – that would put a deal at $39million – believing that his performance last season was good enough for him to continue earning an annual salary of $13 million. And after watching Mike Cameron – who is almost a year older than Damon – ink a two-year pact with the Red Sox, Damon sees no reason for him to settle for less than three.

“Players out there are getting multi-year deals,” Damon said. “(Andy) Pettitte got a raise at 37, even though it was only one year. Cameron is 37 (he turns 37 in January) and he got two years. We’re not going to know much until we start negotiating with teams, but that should happen soon.”

“I’ve been too busy with the kids to worry about it,” Damon said. “We’re just going about our business and our life. I’m not really too concerned about it. We’ll find a team elsewhere if the Yankees don’t bring me back.”

We find it hilarious when people talk about a player’s preference to play for a certain team, because bottom line, these guys are mercenaries. They only care about money. You really think Damon would say to himself, “Well in NY, I have a chance to play for a championship” and take less money to stay? That’s what fans want to think, but it isn’t reality. If he stays, it’s because the Yankees gave him the best offer.

Re: Damon, the guy obviously thinks he is bigger than market forces and a still struggling economy. Or, he’s just dumb.