Some passing thoughts before we eat dinner tonight (yes, we all eat at a community table).

1. By declining arbitration for Damon, Pettitte, and Nady, it’s clear the Yankees believe the economy is still in the toilet (which it is) and will weigh heavily once again on the free agent market. Thus, the risk of arbitration acceptance is high. In Damon’s case, arbitration would be based off a contract that was signed in late 2005, when the economic situation was completely different.

2. Due to continued frugality among MLB teams, the Yanks may believe they can re-sign any of these guys at less than what they’d receive in arbitration.

3. The Yankees may have indeed made the decision to let Damon go, which could clear the way for a run at superstar (yes, he is a superstar) Matt Holliday. After all, Damon is basically a DH at this point in his career. With Damon, you’d think the Yankees would be more concerned about years, considering his age, not $$. So the fact that the Yankees found it unappealing that Damon may accept a 1-year deal at above market-dollars makes us believe Johnny is a goner…something we support.

4. Not offering arbitration to Nady is a no-brainer.

5. Pettitte is an interesting case, because the Yankees obviously need to re-sign him, so we hope this isn’t a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face.