12.01.2005 Boras: “Johnny Damon is God’s gift to mankind.”
(reaction to Scott Boras’ description of Johnny Damon which included:
- “He’s the iron man of baseball.”
- “Johnny Damon is a model physical athlete with a body type that no one else has.
- “You have to be unique to talk about a seven-year deal.”
- “Best leadoff man in baseball”
- “Better than future Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson”
- “Franchise Icon”)


12.03.2006 Thank you, Braves
(reaction to Atlanta signing Sturtze to a 1-year deal and getting him the hell away from Joe Torre)


12.05.2007 Peter Gammons: Boston’s minister of propaganda
(reaction to Peter Gammons saying the Red Sox were on the verge acquiring Johan Santana by making up fantasy trade scenarios)


12.04.2008 Fluff piece
(reaction to Peter Gammons’ infamous ESPN piece saying Dustin Pedroia’s favorite phrase was “it’s all about winning”)