From Marky Mark Feinsand at the Daily News:

Chamberlain plans to return to the fastball-slider combination that made him so successful in the eighth-inning setup role in 2007 and ’08.

“Those are the pitches we’re going to go to,” Chamberlain said yesterday. “We’re still going to have the other ones in case you have to fool someone every once in a while, but those worked out of the bullpen before so we’ll continue to go to those.”

At NoMaas, we don’t develop players. We’re not scouts. We’re not pitching coaches. We’re just guys who like stats and photoshop pictures. But, we’re really confused as to how Joba can one day be an effective starter with another year of just focusing on just two pitches.

And this is just a weird statement (from MLB.COM’s Bryan Hoch):

“What we did was, we finished off his development program,” Cashman said. “We have choices with him. He can start if we need him to start, he can relieve if we want him to relieve. So I don’t feel it’s a waste at all. We completed the mission on him, and what will be — will be.”

So if the mission is “completed”, it sounds like Joba is destined to be a Ramiro Mendoza type. We’re really scratching our heads right now. This sounds pretty messed up.