In our interview with Brian Cashman, he told us that the loser of the 5th starter competition would not be permanently banished to the bullpen. If the decision were up to you, how would you handle Joba at this very moment? Let us take a look at some choices along with their pros & cons.

Many, such as popular sabermetrician Mike Francesa, have advocated Jobar’s place as the setup man for a while now. He has undoubtedly been most dominant in this role with a 1.50 ERA, 79 strikeouts, and just 2 homeruns surrendered through 60 innings. However, even dominant relievers generally provide less value than starters due to their fewer innings totals. If the Yankees go this route, the aura surrounding Chamberlain appears to have been a lot of hype.

The Yankees could send Joba down to AAA to start for Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. In this way, he would be able to throw an adequate amount of innings and would be ready, workload-wise, to start next season (Pettitte and/or Vazquez could be gone) or called up this year if need be. On the downside, Joba was mowing down batters in AAA as far back as 2007. There might be little to be learned on the minor league level and a send-down may even be looked at as a step back in his development.

A sort of go-between to these two options would be to keep him stretched out on the major league level. This could be done by giving him a role similar to what is expected to go to Sergio Mitre (ie: long relief and spot starts). He would be able to keep his innings up (not as many as a full-time starter in AAA) while still facing major league hitting. The Yankees may, however, prefer to define his role now rather than leave him in pitching limbo. There is also the potential injury risk of changing his expected workload, ala 2008.

As proud and opinionated NoMaasians, let us know what you think about the fate of this Cornhusker.