A few announcements straight from NoMaas Headquarters…

First, we revamped and relaunched our community forum. So, if you’re looking for expanded baseball discussion or want to meet that special someone, have a look. Some of the new additions include:

- More posting and direct interaction from NoMaas staffers
- New moderators
- Front page posts will automatically create new threads on the forum
- Better thread and sub-forum organization
- Random pictures of vegetables

Big ups to Vizzini for taking the lead on this.

Second, our live game chat has been an initial success. We’ve had over 30,000 fan posts in April alone. So if you’d enjoy a place to talk baseball in real-time during Yankees games, try it out.

Third, can someone get Lady Gaga to follow us on Twitter?

Fourth, we’re on that Facebook thing.

Fifth, due to depressed commercial real estate prices, we leased an additional 5,000 square feet of office space at a reduced rate.

Sixth, we fortunately do not own any Greek bonds in our portfolio.