With Thursday night’s 8-2 loss to the Twins, the Yankees have averaged 2.5 runs over their last six games. Even though they’ve squeaked out 3 wins, it’s frustrating to watch.

Yet despite their offensive struggles, the Yankees still boast the best bats in MLB, ranking first in runs per game and OPS+, among others. However, when compared to the 2009 team, there is something clearly lacking, and that’s power. Whether it be the injuries, reduced output from Arod, Teixeira’s horrid season to date, bad luck, whatever…the Yankees are not slugging like they did last season. Have a look:

2009: .195
2010: .166

Home Runs Per Game:
2009: 1.51
2010: 1.13

Runs Per Game:
2009: 5.65
2010: 5.43

Mark Teixeira