Curtis Granderson had some super-sized platoon splits in his career with the Tigers. While he put up an All-Star worthy .380 wOBA in his career versus righties, he was below replacement-level against left-handed pitchers. His futility against lefties reached its nadir last year when southpaws held him to an absurd .223 wOBA.

But there was some hope coming into this season:

1) Tom Tango wrote that Granderson’s true talent level versus lefties should be estimated at a more reasonable .312wOBA.

2) New Yankee Stadium has done some things for left-handed hitters in its brief time on the planet.

3) He could be expected to improve as he got more PA experience versus lefties.

4) His BB/K ratio last year was a not-awful .36. He was killed by a .226 BABIP.

In spite of all this rosiness, it’s not working out for Curtis against the platoon this year. He’s still been below replacement-level at a .271 wOBA. And that’s being propped up by a .321 BABIP. What’s even more disturbing is that his batting eye has completely fallen apart, as he’s posted an atrocious .12 BB/K ratio against LHPs.

Let’s hope Kevin Long can work some magic with Granderson. If not, he is going to really hurt the Yankees in high leverage situations as managers match up against him late in close games.