After we got done watching Strasburg — cough — we mean the Yankees, we started to aimlessly search the internet for some interesting baseball material.

With the Joe Girardi bullpen debacle from Saturday still fresh on our minds, we decided to check out Fangraphs’ Game Leverage Index, which can be used to determine how important a situation is when a pitcher enters the game. The higher the number, the more high-leverage a situation is.

Here’s your AL Top 11 (you’ll see why we made it 11):

Jonathan Papelbon, BOS, 2.15
Daniel Bard, BOS, 2.10
David Aardsma, SEA, 2.09
Neftali Feliz, TEX, 2.00
John Rauch, MIN, 1.97
Kevin Gregg, TOR, 1.85
Chris Perez, CLE, 1.83
Andrew Bailey, OAK, 1.78
Rafael Soriano, TAM, 1.76
Ryan Perry, DET, 1.70
God, NYY, 1.68

Papelbon and Bard make sense being at the top of the list. Boston has played in 22 one-run games so far this season, which is tied for most in the league with Texas. In comparison, the Yankees have only played in 9 one-run games, which is lowest in the AL.

Mariano does have the highest leverage number on the Yankees staff. Joba is second with a 1.41. Marte is third with a 1.32. D-Rob is 4th with a 1.14.