Not only are the Mariners terrible, but on Friday, they were fighting each other in the dugout. That’s no atmosphere for a 34-year old slugger who kills right-handed pitching. Get Russell Branyan out of there.

While the Mariners traded for Branyan on June 26th (from Cleveland), it doesn’t make much sense for them to keep him. They’re a terrible baseball team, he’s 34, and they have three first basemen on their roster (Smoak, Kotchman). Why Seattle traded for him in the first place is a bit of a mystery, considering their current state of affairs.

However, he would make a solid addition to the Yankees as the other half of a Marcus Thames DH platoon, and an upgrade over Juan Miranda. Let’s operate under the assumption (or pretend) that Cashman is still willing to deal with Jack-Z after the Cliff Lee ordeal.

Here’s why Branyan fits:

1. 2010 contract is for $1.5 million, which means he likely only has about $700k left on it (to the Yankees, that’s the equivalent of one of us finding $5.00 in our pants before we do laundry). He does have a $5 mil option for 2011, with a $500k buyout.

2. Over the last 3 seasons, he’s averaged a slugging-heavy OPS+ of 130.

3. His power is straight silly. His 2010 IsoP of .237 is higher than any Yankee, and he’s done it this season in two pitcher-friendly parks.

4. He punishes right-handed pitching. Last 3 years vs. RHP: 252/.351/.542 (.422 wOBA in 2008!). This year: .242/.340/.500 (.378 wOBA).

A Thames/Branyan platoon would be a feast or famine type set-up, but if used correctly, lots of balls could be flying around (maturity here, people). You’re looking at some serious power from the DH spot.