Earlier in May, we warned against judging David Robertson across just 9 innings. At the time, he possessed a 10.91 ERA due in large part to a .530 BABIP and a 25% HR/FB rate. Let’s take a look at what D-Rob has done since that early season analysis.

Since May 15, he has pitched 25.1 innings, striking out 26 (9.24 K/9) and walking 14 (4.98 BB/9). While the 1.86 K/BB is less than impressive, his BABIP is a much more earthly .328, and he’s allowed zero HRs. Thus, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that his ERA over this period is a cool 2.49.

Of course, there isn’t always a lot to be said about taking an arbitrary selection of outings for a reliever, but the point now is the same as it was then: relievers deal in small sample sizes. It was perfectly reasonable to expect Robertson’s numbers to normalize given his age and ability. We applaud Girardi for recognizing this. There is little doubt that Robertson would have been left to rot in the bullpen and probably sent to the minors under the Green Tea Regime.