They are cases we’ve highlighted throughout the year. Yet, as we enter the last full month of the season, and with no significant improvements evident, we can say that 2010 was a year when two of baseball’s biggest superstars fell off a cliff.

Alex Rodriguez

Current line: .265/.333/.485 — (Career: .303/.387/.571)

- Career lows in OPS (.818), OBP (.333), SLG (.485), wOBA (.351)
- Lowest ISO (.222) since 1997
- Lowest BB% (9.3%) since 1999
- Lowest LD% (14.6%), Highest GB% (45.4%), Lowest HR per FB ratio (14.7%) since origin of these stats (2002)
- Lowest productivity versus a fastball (0.97 runs above average per 100 fastballs thrown) since origin of this stat (2002)

Derek Jeter

Current line: .275 /.338/.388 – (Career: .315/.385/.455)

- Career lows in OPS (.727), OBP (.338), SLG (.388), wOBA (.326)
- Lowest LD% (17.1%), Highest GB% (65.8%) since origin of these stats (2002)
- Swinging at a career high of pitches outside the strike zone (28.5%)
- Swinging at a career low of pitches inside the strike zone (67.8%)
- Jeter’s SLG is only .008 higher than Brett Gardner’s SLG
- Jeter has a lower OPS+ (100) and wOBA (.326) than the much-maligned Curtis Granderson (107 OPS+, .335 wOBA)

While it would be heresy to bump Jeter down in the order, he really shouldn’t be leading off. Having an OBP of .338 and leading the AL in plate appearances (583) is not a good combination.

Reason for real concern

Time will tell if 2010 is the beginning of a sustained decline for both Alex and Derek. Hopefully, they will bounce back next season. However, age and injury (A-Rod especially) are not on their side. There is reason for real concern, and both players have very unique contract situations.