Big League Players of the Month (August):

CC Sabathia
3.12 ERA/3.71 FIP/3.59 xFIP, 43.1 IP

It’s getting a bit old to give this to CC, but he continues to hold the rotation together. He was the only starter for the month to throw more than 35 innings (second was Moseley with 33.1) and his ERA was better than every regular starter by more than a run. Sabathia did surrender 5 HRs, after having not given up the long ball across 10 starts in July and most of June. However, a 3.60 K/BB (7.48 K/9 vs. 2.08 BB/9) and a solid 48.4% groundball rate proved enough to counter the spike in dingers. CC continues to be the most, and at times only, reliable starter in the rotation.

Position Player:
Mark Teixeira
289/.355/.629, 110 PA

Teixeira takes the honors for the second month in a row. While his average and OBP came back to earth during August, his ridiculous power numbers continued to the tune of a .411 wOBA. His 9 HRs contributed to a .340 IsoP. Due to a very hot couple of months, Teixeira’s counting stats are starting to get to where they are expected to be. The batting average is still a bit low, but when taking into consideration his power numbers, strikeout rate, and line drive rate, this can easily be attributed to a low BABIP (.274 on the year, .305 career). Any worries from earlier in the season should be long gone by now.

Honorable Mention:

Marcus Thames
.344/.385/.721, 65 PA
Thames actually led the team with a .468 wOBA, hitting 7 HRs in 61 at bats. On the season, Marcus has been very productive off the bench, producing a full win above replacement in a part-time role.