From CBS Sports – Moving Jeter down is not an option:

“I don’t really see it happening. We still think he’s a top of the order guy,” Girardi told reporters Wednesday. “Look at the runs he’s scored. His average is down a little bit, but … he’s on pace to score 115 runs, which is not too bad for a leadoff guy. I just think people are so used to seeing him have such great years offensively that when you’re having a little bit of a down year and you’re older, people’s eyebrows go up.”

Batting average? Runs? Little bit of down year? This logic is as outdated as Zack Morris’ cell phone. It should be very simple.

The guy with the team-leading OBP of .389 should lead off.

The guy with the .331 OBP and only outperforming Francisco Cervelli should not.

Gardner at leadoff would make us so excited.