We do it up every week, but which minor leaguers were feeling hot for the entire month of August?

Minor League Players of the Month (August):

Dellin Betances, 22, RHP, AA
30.1 IP, 13.65 K/9, 2.37 BB/9, .857 WHIP, 2.67 ERA

NoMaas Ranking – Pre-Season Top 10: Not Ranked, Mid-Season Top 20: #9
Previous Wins – Week(s): 11, 17, 20

There were players with more impressive ERAs this month, as you’ll see below, but no one was as consistently dominating as Dellin Betances. He recorded at least five strikeouts in every one of his six August starts, and in four of those starts he managed to whiff seven or more batters. Betances’ stuff, when he is locating it well, is pretty much untouchable: his 30+ innings this month holding down a 5.75 K/BB ratio is evidence enough of that. Don’t be surprised to see Dellin ranked higher in our end-of-the-year prospect rankings.

Position Player:
Bradley Suttle, 24, SHB 3B, A+
.336/.430/.589 in 125 PAs

Previous Wins – Week(s): 19

This is certainly the way you want wind down your season if you’re Bradley Suttle. After starting slow, Brad has seen his OPS increase every month since May, culminating in the slugfest that was August, in which he knocked five home runs, ten doubles and one three-bagger. Despite this recent hot streak, Suttle hasn’t exactly lived up to the hype he had when the Yankees drafted him.

Coming out of college, Brad was supposed to have numerous above-average hitting tools, but the only one approaching that tag is probably his power (.142 isoP), which isn’t superb for a corner infielder. While his work this season hasn’t been bad by any means, he’s a bit old for Tampa and had the benefit of not only playing in college, but also at an extremely high level in a competitive league. Hopefully as Suttle gets healthier and farther out from his shoulder surgeries, we see an uptick in his performance, because he is capable of more than he’s shown recently.

Honorable Mentions:

Manuel Banuelos, 19, LHP, A+
28.2 IP, 11.62 K/9, 3.45 BB/9, 1.22 WHIP, 3.14 ERA
Manny had a rough first start at AA (6 ER in 5.2 IP), but recovered in his second one (0 ER in 5 IP).

Daniel Brewer, 23, RHB RF, AA
.370/.435/.490 in 111 PAs
Brewer has really been getting after it on the basepaths this year with 28 steals, including six this past month.

Brett Marshall, 20, RHP, A
36 IP, 6.25 K/9, 1.5 BB/9, .639 WHIP, 0.50 ERA
How’d he manage that ERA? 62.9 GB% in August, that’s how.

Jesus Montero, 20, RHB C, AAA
.330/.379/.606 in 102 PAs
There’s not a whole lot left to say about Jesus. His bat is unquestionably going to play in the MLB.