With the Javier Vazquez Experiment V2.0 failing miserably in the Bronx this past season (yes, we suck), it would only be natural for a Yankee fan to think the organization lost horribly in this trade. It’s a completely understandable emotion because Vazquez was horrendous.

However, if we were to announce the winner of the trade in a heads-up battle between the Yanks and Braves, the transaction bizarrely favors New York at this point.

A cursory look at the major league components, in terms of WAR, actually tilts the trade to the Yankees’ advantage.

Yankees: 0.2 WAR
- Boone Logan (+0.4)
- Javier Vasquez (-0.2)

Braves: -1.1 WAR
- Melky Cabrera (-1.2)
- Mike Dunn (+0.1)

Melky Cabrera was the worst everyday player in the majors this season. In Melky’s “Elephant Man”-ugly season, he managed to post the 4th-worst WAR since 2006, and single-handedly push the value numbers in the Yankees’ favor.

Additionally, the Bombers upgraded LOOGYS, going from Dunn to Logan — a move that proved extremely useful when Damaso Marte found himself on the DL for the 2nd time in two seasons. So right now, on the major league level, the Yankees are winning on the deal.

The wild card in ultimately determining a winner in all of this is the big prospect the Yanks sent to Atlanta, Arodys Vizcaino. Before a season-ending elbow injury (not Tommy John), the former Staten Island Yankee was one of the best righties in the Sally League, managing a 2.30 FIP in 71.2 innings with an eye-popping 9 walks over that period (3.1 BB%).

He’s got front-line potential for sure, but is still a number of years away from the majors, and now has some injury concerns to boot. The Yankee farm system soldiered on without him, posting one of the best years in recent memory, but he’s a Top 100 prospect and losing a player like that hurts.

As Javier Vasquez (Type B free agent) and the Florida Marlins came to terms on a deal, the Yankees will net themselves a protected supplemental round pick in next year’s draft. This ensures the Yankees a first-round pick should they lose theirs in the course of signing a Type-A free agent. We’d still prefer to have Arodys Vizcaino over a pick, elbow injuries and all, but the relatively high-draft selection will help lessen the sting of losing the young right-hander.

While Brian Cashman likely vomited over Javier Vasquez’s performance, Atlanta GM Frank Wren has to be similarly disgusted with the offensive and defensive black hole that was Melky Cabrera. While the immediate returns of the deal favor the Yankees, it’s more appropriate to call this a loss for both sides. Neither got what they expected from the major players in the deal, and the long-term result likely hinges on a 20-year old in A-ball coming off elbow surgery versus a nameless, faceless draft pick.

If not the worst case scenario for either franchise, it has to be among the most unfavorable outcomes either could have envisioned.