We were told by the Jeterites to ignore his .710 regular season OPS. Wait for the playoffs, they said. So we waited, but he was even worse in the postseason (.250/.286/.375).

No matter what the Derekinians may claim, this season was a terrible one by Jeter standards. It was his worst campaign by a landslide, and when such a precipitous drop occurs at the baseball old age of 36, it is certainly reason for significant concern. As the Yankees’ front office deliberates on what to offer the son of Dr. Charles Jeter, we take a look at three questions that undoubtedly are coming up at their meetings.

1. Does Derek Jeter look like Glenn Quagmire?

2. What should the contract look like?

The ideal situation would be for the Yankees to sign Derek to a 2-year deal. Considering his age and declining skills, the chances of Jeter being useful to the Yankees in 2013 are slim to none. Plus, imagine the public relations drama when dealing with a 39-year old Derek.

Rather, a two-year commitment recognizes that the Yankees don’t have any immediate shortstop alternatives, allows Jeter to retire gracefully, and hopes that the extreme performance drop in 2010 can be somewhat corrected.

In regards to dollars, we have no idea. In baseball terms, he was worth about $10 million in 2010. Maybe the Yankees come in 2/30 or 2/35. He certainly shouldn’t be given a raise or have a salary equal to the $21 million he earned this season. His production just isn’t worth that type of money. Hopefully, he won’t find something less than $20 million a year “insulting.”

3. Where should he hit in the batting order?

Cashman and Girardi need to man up, and send Jeter down into the depths of the batting order…but only against righties. Jeter still beats up on left-handed pitching. Check out the 2010 splits.

vs. RHP: .246/.315/.317, .286 wOBA
vs. LHP: .321/.393/.481, .382 wOBA

The man with the Tiger Woods Haircut can still get it done against lefties. We have no problem with him leading off against them. Against right-handed pitching, he has no business being in the top of the order. That’s just the cold hard truth.

*Props to Vizzini and Louis Winthorpe III for also contributing to this post