Let’s assume that the Yankees might actually do something this offseason besides overpay a declining shortstop with no contract leverage.

The Felix Hernandez speculation hasn’t seemed to stop, partly because many Yankee fans believe it’s their right to have every superstar play in the Bronx. It can be very annoying, but let’s entertain it. After all, what else is there to talk about?

There is no doubt that acquiring King Felix would come at a heavy, heavy cost. You’re basically talking about setting the farm system back for years. Everything. Gone.

So for an idea of how much the Yankees would have to give up, we checked in with our resident minor league expert, Gary Wallace:

Starts with Jesus Montero, Manuel Banuelos and Joba Chamberlain. Then Adam Warren / Hector Noesi / Graham Stoneburner and David Adams / Brandon Laird / Corban Joseph. This is all purely speculative as I’m not positive what the Mariners are looking for, but I assume they’d want MLB ready players (Montero and Chamberlain) as well as a number of good to very good prospects (ManBan and the two pick-’em sets). I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted more. There’s no way they can trade Felix without taking back one of the biggest hauls we’ve seen in a long time.

Worth it?

What do you think about Gary Wallace’s package?