Brian Cashman on December 14th:

“Where do we go from here? Plan B is patience. We’ll engage the remaining free agents and trade market and pursue what interests us at the level we feel appropriate.”

Patience has now brought us a left-handed specialist at the cost of $8 million over two years. You can spin the signing all you want: “The Yankees needed another lefty” — “That’s what the market is. ” — “The Yankees can overpay” — “It’s not my money.

It’s just completely inefficient. Paying a guy $4 million a season to pitch to one type of batter – not too mention he’s coming off a season with an unnaturally low HR rate – is ridiculous. Come on. Would you buy a Ford Focus for the price of a Mercedes just because “that’s what the market is?” Ever hear of something being “overvalued?” And besides, when Randy Choate signs for 2yrs/$2.5 mil, how does the market for a left-handed specialist jump to 2/$8 mil?

We are not impressed so far this offseason. It has nothing to due with Cliff Lee either. Remember, we only wanted to go 5 years for Lee. This is about an offseason which has so far been marked by passivity and signing players for more than their worth. And will someone please call Andy Pettitte? Reportedly, no one from the front office has talked to him since the Winter Meetings. That’s Sales 101.

Hoping that the rest of the offseason goes better than this…