An accolade that will eventually rival baseball’s most prestigious honors, NoMaas is proud to present our DOTM Award (figure out the acronym). Each month, we will highlight a player, manager, front office executive, or media member who states or does something that makes you think, “Wow, what a d-bag.” This isn’t about stats or baseball arguments. It’s about pure d-baggery.

If you needed any additional proof that Red Sox fans are the biggest Kool Aid drinkers in all of American sports, please cast your eyes upon following article produced by Eric Ortiz of the New England Sports Network (NESN).

2011 Red Sox Will Challenge 1927 Yankees for Title of Greatest Team in Major League History

Some of the highlights:

…championship teams are built during the offseason, and Theo Epstein has put together a roster that would make Branch Rickey proud.

Good luck finding a hole from 1 to 7. Saltamacchia is a bit of a wild card, but the 25-year-old could be ready for a breakout season. And whoever is the starting shortstop — Scutaro or Lowrie — gives the Red Sox one of the toughest No. 9 hitters in the game.

Besides a potent offensive attack, the Red Sox will boast airtight defense, perhaps the best of any team in baseball.

Youth, experience and versatility will ride the pine like lions waiting to hunt. Depth won’t be a problem, especially with players like Ryan Kalish, Lars Anderson and Josh Reddick on the farm.

While the Phillies might be the popular choice as the best rotation in baseball, don’t be surprised if people are singing a different tune come October.

Every day should feel like Christmas for Curt Young, the new Red Sox pitching coach.

The way they are constructed, they could surpass the 116-win mark.

The 2011 Red Sox could accomplish a feat that has never been done. They could unseat the 1927 Yankees as the greatest major league team of all time.

Wow. Just wow. It’s also not surprising that this guy was apparently an MLB editor at

Congratulations Eric Ortiz of NESN, you are the winner of the NoMaas DOTM Award – New Year’s Edition.