Bill Madden of the Daily News:

Judging by the hard public line Cashman took with Derek Jeter this winter, I believe that Cashman, left to his own means, would’ve offered the Yankee captain no more than a one-year deal with a vesting option…Remember, this is the same GM who essentially fired Bernie Williams, and in that respect, Cashman has shown himself to have the same cold business-like manner as George Weiss, the Hall-of-Fame Yankee GM of the ’50s (who, just as coldly, severed ties with Yankee icons Phil Rizzuto and Vic Raschi among others) when it comes to sentimentality.

The way it should be.

This is why I’m beginning to think, when his contract runs out after this season, Cashman will walk away from the Yankees and try to land a job with a small-market team, with an ownership that will give him a free hand.

It would be a sad day, indeed.