We often hear how 2010 was the worst season of Derek Jeter’s career. However, sometimes lost in the receding hairline of The Captain is that Alex Rodriguez also had the worst season of his career in 2010, posting lows in OBP (.341), wOBA (.363), and Wins Above Replacement (3.9). Additionally, he experienced his worst production versus fastballs, his Isolated Power declined for the 3rd year in a row (.271 to .245 to .236.), and his line drive rate dropped to a career-low 13.8%.

Granted, most players would kill to have 2010-Arod numbers, but the Yankees are paying Alex like he invented baseball.

So we ask, what is a reasonable expectation for what we can see out of Arod for 2011 and beyond?

This is where Alex will receive his endless supply of Yankee paychecks.