After another tense negotiation session between Randy Levine and Scott Boras, Andruw Jones has signed with the Yankees on a 1-year, $2 million deal with 54 player opt-out clauses, one for every 3 games.

This signing is a very nice example of tidying up at the margins, like Russell Martin, and a continued improvement over what we’ve seen in years past when it comes to smaller moves.

Jones is an excellent fit for the role vacated by Marcus Thames. Like Thames, he can step in for Granderson against left-handed pitchers (career .355 wOBA vs LHPs, .402 in 2010). Unlike Thames, Andruw did not learn defense from Edward Scissorhands. In his salad days, Jones was the best centerfielder in baseball. Even now, in his ribeye and loaded baked potato days, Andruw can roam all three OF positions as an above-average fielder.

Jones is almost certain to be worth his salary and is a solid add by Cashman.