Great entries this year, and once again proof that the people who visit this site have a few screws loose.

The NoMaas staff reviewed all the submissions and chose 5 finalists. You have until 2pm EST on Friday, Feb 25th to vote for your favorite. The winner will get a free one of these.

FYI – In selecting the finalists, we stuck to those who followed the rules. It was only fair. But, there were some really good verses that went over the 4 lines, and some other verses that had nothing to do with the Yankees, but we were incredibly funny. We gave props to some of these below.

So here we go…

Finalist #1: P_C_
The Yanks can win w/o King Felix I really mean this
You’re over the line Donny, nobody fucks with the Jesus
Lee chose a 2nd rate city thats a bad decision
Becketts from Texas…non steer division

Finalist #2: MC Squared
The Yankees are usually the team to beat
But this rotation scares me like Chris Hanson just came in & suggested I have a seat
Oh well, you can’t blame Cashman for not getting Cliff Lee
Now that Joba is fat he better pitch like CC

Finalist #3: Corky
My kingdom for a bad haircut, thy name is Derek Jeter
Getting older and older, can’t catch up to a heater
My head looks like Tiger Woods when he tees off
My OBP plummets, but I’ll still hit leadoff

Finalist #4: Razor Shines
What a rough off-season, it’s such a pity
Cliff Lee didn’t want to go to New York City
You knuckledraggers just learned a lesson in life
It’s not nice to spit on another man’s wife

Finalist #5: Trevor McYankeefan
The look of this rotation is making me shiver
Rotten to the core, like Mantle’s liver
Even though Derek Jeter is my hero and idol
The Yanks could crash and burn, like Munson and Lidle


Honorable Mentions:

Jeet Skeet – Set to Notorious BIG’s “Juicy”
It was all a dream,
I used to bang every chick on a magazine,
Po & Mo, and Andy P up in the limousine,
Countin’ rings every fall,
Every Saturday,Jess,Vaness, n’ Mink, I can’t name them all
I let me fade rock as my skills flopped,
Drinkin’ my G2 with Malibu, reminiscin’ on the bloody sock
Way back, before they had that f*g Youk the Lumberjack,
take a crap whenever he was up to bat,
Remember that fu*kin’ douche…Millar, Millar
never thought a replacement player would make it this far,
Now I’m in the limelight, because of my decline right?
But I got paid, blow up like the Cliff Lee trade
My hair is thinner, the opposite of thicker
remember when I used to get to ground balls much quicker?
Peace to my OBP…GIDP and no SB,
Is what you can expect from me
I’m gettin’ old like you thought I would
Call it quits, just like you said I should
cause i’m not…good

And if you don’t know you know…. half n**ga

The Rock Guy from the Neverending Story(Absolutely hilarious)
My hands, don’t they look so big and strong?
But when “The Nothing” came through, everything went wrong!
My friends got blown away, what a horrible night
Now this kid and his horse need to make things right!