Quality logic involved in this signing:

Without referring to them directly, the GM also took a jab at the Mets’ past use of injured reliever Pedro Feliciano, saying more than once that overworked lefty “was abused” in recent seasons.

Feliciano, who hopes to resume throwing Wednesday or Thursday after a 10-day shutdown with what the team announced was a strained rotator cuff, set a big-league record with 266 appearances from 2008-10 before opening this season on the disabled list. Feliciano added that he doesn’t blame the Mets for his current injury.

“The use pattern was abusive,” Cashman said, adding the timeframe for a return remains at least late April or early May. “The MRI shows what he’s got, and that leads us to believe all this is resolvable. It’s not a major issue. It’s a timing issue.”

Asked then why the Yankees signed the risky Feliciano to a two-year, $8 million contract over the winter, Cashman said: “It was a thin market when you’re out there looking for lefties, and he was one of the better ones out there. You don’t typically run to sign up guys who’ve been used like that. But it was a limited market.”

So who’s the bigger fool: The Mets or the Yankees?