Not only were the Yankees playing the underdog card during spring training (which was a bit ridiculous), but the bookmakers also viewed the Bombers as being inferior to the Greatest and Most Inspirational Franchise in the History of Sports™.

Three weeks into the season, the roles have reversed and the Red Sox can go back to their traditional ‘woe is me’ marketing strategy. According to the baseball odds at BetUS, the Yankees are now the favorite to win the American League pennant at +250. This moneyline tightened up since the +300 in late February. Despite being 7-11 and owner of a negative run differential, Boston is at +275. This is wider than the +175 a couple months ago. The Rays are at +2000, a significant increase from the +1200 in February.

What do you get for having the best record in the league and the best run differential? Certainly not respect, because the 13-6 Indians are a whopping +2500 to win the AL Championship. The surprising 12-7 Royals are +5000. Moving out to the West, the division-leading Angels are +1200 and the Rangers (2nd-best run differential in the AL) are +500.

Some tempting values in there…