Disclaimer: If you are of the opinion that Derek Jeter’s farts smell like freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, then stop reading.

Last November, we wondered what would happen if Derek Jeter and the Yankees did the unthinkable and parted ways. We suggested a bunch of different alternatives for a vacancy at shortstop.

As it currently stands, all of the suggestions have contributed more wins above replacement level than Jeter, and have done so in less plate appearances.

*typo – Jason Bartlett

And now with Jeter going to the DL, this puts an exclamation point on just how damaging this contract is. In the years 2012 and 2013, the Yankees will pay Derek $33 million. That’s $33 million committed to a replacement-level player that could have been spent elsewhere and generated more wins for the Yankees.

It’s becoming clear that the Jeter contract is actually hurting the Yankees’ chances of winning division titles. It’s also becoming clear that this is one of the worst signings in team history, and may be one of the worst contracts in terms of salary versus player performance since the advent of free agency.