Since Larry Rothschild stepped in as pitching coach, he’s been handed question mark after question mark:

- Cashman couldn’t secure an ace to compliment CC
- AJ Burnett was coming off the worst full season of his career
- Scrapheap pickups Colon and Garcia hadn’t pitched effectively in years
- Ivan Nova was projected by ZiPS for a 5.29 ERA
- Hughes succumbed to a mysterious dead arm ailment
- Randy Levine’s $35 million setup man went down with injury
- Cashman’s $8 million LOOGY might not ever pitch for the Yankees
- A highly effective Joba Chamberlain fell to Tommy John surgery
- A shockingly good Bartolo Colon is now on the DL

And somehow, the Yankees are:

- 8th in MLB in ERA (3.55) and 4th in the AL
- 4th in the AL in xFIP (3.86)
- 4th in the AL in HR/9 (0.77)
- 6th in the AL in K/9 (6.89)
- 0.42 better ERA and 0.20 better xFIP than the beacon of hope for all of mankind, the 2011 Boston Red Sox

To whatever extent Larry Rothschild is responsible for this success: Kudos, sir. And L’Chaim!