As we get down to crunch time, here is our final plan of attack:

1. Get Ubaldo

According to, the Rockies want three of the following four players: Jesus Montero, Dellin Betances, Manny Banuelos, and Ivan Nova.

Nova, you give away all day. The Yankees have back of the rotation types littered across AAA in guys like Adam Warren, David Phelps, and DJ Mitchell. They even have one rotting away in a mopup role in Hector Noesi.

Montero is finally starting to heat up (.293/.368/.586 in July) and there’s no question that his bat is going to be excellent. If he is moved to another position besides catcher, his value does drop, especially on a team like the Yankees. Regardless, if you want to acquire a premiere MLB pitcher, you have to give up a premiere prospect.

Betances and Banuelos are both top notch prospects, but again…you have to give to get.

Ubaldo is the truth. Jimenez is 27 (will be 28 entering next season) and the only major injury he’s had over the past few seasons was a cuticle issue. He’s locked up for $3 mil this year (pro-rated), $4.2 mil in 2012, $5.75 mil in 2013, and an $8 mil option in 2014. That’s huge value for a pitcher who ranks 10th in WAR among MLB starters since 2009. That ranks ahead of Jon Lester and Clayton Kershaw. Sorting solely by NL pitchers, he’s second only to Tim Lincecum. He would be a rotation centerpiece for the duration of his deal.

His fastball velocity is down this year, and we hope the Yankees would conduct their due diligence and avoid being Feliciano’d — but if everything checks out, this would be a hard deal to pass up. If the Yankees can acquire Ubaldo and still keep one of Betances, Banuelos, or Montero, then that’s a great move for the organization. Let’s try to avoid another Dan Haren for Joba Chamberlain situation.

2. Get Erik Bedard

Yeah, yeah, he’s always hurt. We know. Get some new material.

However, if one of the goals in making a deal is to increase the Yankees’ chances of postseason success, Bedard makes so much sense.

When he’s healthy enough to take the mound, Bedard is a fantastic pitcher — not too mention he’s left-handed, which is great for pitching in Yankee Stadium and against the Red Sox. He’s on a one-year deal, is having an excellent season (3.00 ERA / 3.59 FIP / 3.30 xFIP), and has had no arm problems. He makes his first start on Friday since coming off the DL with a sprained knee.

The whole concept of trading for a pitcher to throw a few games in the playoffs is really weird, since luck plays such a huge role in who wins. After all, you can have one of your pitchers be attacked by bugs. Yet, if you believe in that type of move, why not grab a guy who can dominate? If the Mariners want an arm and a leg, you pass on a rental. But, how much can the Mariners actually be asking for Bedard?

Acquiring both of these pitchers would cause a logjam in the rotation, but who cares…let time sort it out.

So there it is, we want Brian Cashman to get greedy.

*Props to Marshall Seymour and Vizzini for also contributing to this post.