ESPN-NY on Friday night after Mark Teixiera eclipsed 1,000 Career RBI:

Teixeira…says he values RBIs more than any other stat. “It’s a nice number,” he said. “You get that many in only nine years, you think, ‘I must be doing all right.”‘

Well, he certainly doesn’t value on-base percentage, because Teixeira is on track for the worst OBP of his career. We asked earlier this month if Teixeira had Yankee Stadium’d his swing over the last two seasons, resulting in lower BABIP, lower average, and lower OBP results.

Whatever the reason, he’s not getting on base nearly enough to justify the monster contract that pays him $22.5 million through 2016. He ranks 30th in the AL in OBP and 17th in the league in wOBA (.370).

The big HR and RBI totals will probably fool the masses into thinking he’s an elite hitter in the league, but he’s not. The RBIs especially are inflated because he hits in the middle of a potent Yankee lineup. Stick him on a team with a lesser offense and the RBI defense would evaporate.

Tex is a very solid hitter, but he’s an overrated one.