As soon as the World Series closes, we will partake in the annual NoMaas tradition of offering Ca$hmoney (assuming his deal finally gets done) & Co. our offseason recommendations.

Before we commence with our insanity, we want to quickly address two no-brainers. They make so much sense that we really don’t need to dedicate full posts to them.

Picking up Swisher’s $10.25 million option

A short-term deal at a below-value price for an above-average player…there isn’t much more to be said. Since joining the Yankees in 2009, he’s accumulated 11 wins above replacement. For a team laden with long-term, big money deals, getting Swisher on these terms is a steal. If only the Yankees had more like this…

Sabathia’s opt-out

We’ve been saying since last offseason that Sabathia would opt out of his deal. Considering the Cliff Lee contract and the fact the organization has set precedent that they’ll bend over for any brand name Yankee player, CC has the front office by the proverbial bizalls. He will opt out and the Yankees will re-sign him to even bigger money. They really have no choice. The lack of frontline depth in the rotation makes his re-signing necessary. We wouldn’t be surprised to see that 4-year deal turn into a seven.