When the Yankees lose a playoff series, one of the most immediate reactions from fans and the media is a kneejerk declaration about which players should be acquired and which ones should be jettisoned. Joel Sherman’s push for Carlos Beltran is an example of this.

While we all get upset when the Yankees get KO’d from the playoffs, it is faulty logic to believe:

The Yankees didn’t win the World Series, so they didn’t have the team to win the World Series, so therefore they must replace the people who didn’t help them win the World Series.

This all ignores the fact that the best team doesn’t always win in a short series and that the players you have right now — the same exact players that helped you win the most games in the AL — can be the players who help you win next year.

It’s a frustrating prospect to have guys struggle in the most important part of the year, but that’s the reality of baseball and sometimes stuff like that happens. When A-Rod was crushing Joe Nathan in 2009, no one was complaining about how un-clutch he was. People sometimes just want change for the sake of change, and New York is a “What Have You Done For Me in the Last Week?” type of market. So get it all out of your system now, because kneejerk reactions aren’t the way to build a team.