Freddy Garcia is a Type B free agent, meaning if he signs elsewhere, the Yankees would gain an additional draft pick in next year’s amateur draft. However, in order for that to happen, the Yankees must offer Garcia arbitration, which he could end up accepting.

So should the Yankees offer Garcia arbitration?

Our answer: No.

Here’s three reasons why they shouldn’t:

1. His ERA (3.62) was very misleading. His FIP/xFIP paints a more accurate picture — 4.12 FIP/4.36 xFIP. He especially benefited from a below-average HR/FB rate of 8.2%.

Furthermore, didn’t it seem like Garcia worked his way out of jam after jam this season? The numbers back up the eyes. In 2011, Freddy posted the highest left-on-base % of his career (77.1%). This is substantially above his career average of 73.1%. That means it’s very likely in 2012 that a higher percentage of runners will score. He got lucky with men on base, simple as that.

Basically, if he accepts arbitration, there’s a high chance the Yankees get the non-pixie dust version of Freddy Garcia.

2. Who is going to offer Garcia a 2-year deal? He’s already 35 years old. He has a lengthy injury history. You think one good year at this stage in his career is enough for a GM to sign this guy to a multi-year deal? We doubt it. Thus, the chance of him bolting for another team and the Yankees picking up a draft pick is slim.

3. Freddy Garcia is a back-end starter. The Yankees don’t need any more of these guys. They have plenty of them already. Sadly, Phil Hughes can’t be held in any higher regard than a back-end guy at this point. The same probably goes for Burnett. Plus, you still have Hector Noesi (provided he wasn’t ruined), and there’s a bunch of kids in the minors who are back-end types (i.e. Mitchell, Phelps, Warren, etc). Take the $5 million (or whatever Freddy would get in arbitration), and invest that into a middle-to-upper end rotation guy. This is where the focus should be. Garcia really isn’t needed now.

If the Yankees can do the ol’ wink-wink with Garcia and get him to decline arbitration, then that would be ideal. But if no backroom agreement can be made, this is how we’d roll.