Verlander: After a rough first inning, Justin Verlander settled down and ended up with 11 Ks, leaving the Yankees helpless at the plate. Well, that’s not much a feat since Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira look like corpses, and Derek Jeter strikes out to end rallies like it’s going out of style.

Girardi: After throwing 99 pitches over 5 laborious innings, CC Sabathia was allowed to take the mound in the 6th. He was obviously gassed and was ineffective nearly the whole night. The Tigers quickly tacked on another run after a bunt single and a double, giving Detroit a 4-2 lead.

Then in the 9th with one out, one runner on, and the Yankees down by only a run, Russell Martin was allowed to hit against Jose Valverde. While he hit the ball deep to right, where was Montero? Offensively, Russell Martin is not good. Montero is a beast. What’s the point of having Montero listed as the backup catcher if you refuse use him? This is the same manager who the day before pinch-hit Eric Chavez for Brett Gardner because he might “pop one.

Davis: While CC Sabathia clearly didn’t have it on Tuesday night (5.1 IP, 6 BB, 3 K, 7 H, 4 ER), Gerry Davis’ strike zone was horrible. It nearly always sounds lame to blame the umpire, but you can’t look at the chart below (courtesy of BrooksBaseball.Net) and not conclude that the Tigers were the beneficiaries of Davis’ warped perception. The green triangles are balls called by Davis on Yankee pitches. The red squares are strikes called by Davis on Detroit pitches. Look at the sides of the zone. Awful.