On Monday, the Fielding Bible awarded Brett Gardner his second-consecutive award as the best defensive LF in baseball — further proof that the Gold Gloves Awards are a joke.

According to UZR, he is the best defender at any position in all of baseball, and it’s not even close. His UZR/150 of +31 was 57% higher than the player with the second-highest mark, Howie Kendrick (+19.4)

Brett Gardner is an absolute weapon defensively and the Yankee can better leverage his incredible run-saving capabilities by….

NoMaas Offseason Idea #2: Move LF Back

Is it an unorthodox idea? Maybe. But it happens more than you might think. The Mets are doing it RIGHT NOW to Citi Field. The right-center field wall at Petco was altered about 6 years ago. The Phillies moved back their left-field wall at around the same time. Before the 2003 season, the Tigers moved in the left-center field wall at Comerica.

Why not make balls hit to left field an even bigger death sentence for opposing hitters? Allow Brett Gardner to crush the hopes & dreams of the enemy.

On most days, the Yankees will put out a lineup with five left-handed bats (Granderson, Cano, Teixeira, Swisher, Gardner), so the change won’t affect them. While the move may cost Arod and Russell Martin a few home runs, it should have very little effect on Jeter. Montero, albeit in a very small sample size, has already shown he can go opposite field at the Stadium.

Let Brett Gardner go get it. Move LF back.

The Secretary of Defense