With the news that the Yankees have signed Freddy Garcia to a 1-year deal in the $5 million range, the rotation currently stands like this:

CC, AJ, Nova, Hughes, Dwayne Johnson

Consider us very underwhelmed. There’s a lot of HOPE tied up in this rotation. Hope that AJ can be the dominant starter the Yankees mistakenly thought he was. Hope that Nova is better than his peripherals suggest. Hope that Phil Hughes can actually do something productive. And hope that Freddy Garcia has another vile of pixie dust.

For a team with the Yankees’ resources, this is way too much hopeful thinking. Something has to give.

In full disclaimer, we know it’s early in the offseason and things could look a lot different in a couple months. However, let us say this: If the plan is to basically have the rotation look like the above, and then have this big competition/revolving door to see if anyone sticks on the back-end, we would give that a huge thumbs down. The Yankees have the money and the trade pieces to create a dominant starting rotation. Anything less than that is lazy, in our view.