A week ago, the Star Ledger ran an article citing an MLB scout who believed Eduardo Nunez should play RF over Nick Swisher. On October 30th, the Daily News suggested Nunez would be the heir to Derek Jeter. No matter what website you go to, Yankee fans praise Nunez in some capacity or another.

For all those in the Nunez ‘Time to Shine’ camp, please tell us on what planet a .698 OPS and horrendous defense is appealing. While the SBs are nice, he has no track record to back up these ridiculous projections we constantly see.

First of all, he hit .265/.313/.385. Is that cause for optimism? Really?

His defense can’t get any worse than we what saw last season (-28.8 UZR/150, 20 errors), but Nunez was always a bad defender in the minors. There will be no miraculous defensive turnaround.

The truth of the matter is that Eduardo Nunez was not even replacement-level last year. He had negative value. Not only is he not the heir to Derek Jeter, but the Yankees should find another utility player to replace him. If some team actually wants to trade for him, Cashman should jump in his car and personally drive Nunez to his new team.

The lovefest in Yankeedom over this kid is mind-boggling.