Whether or not you are content with the current construction of the Yankees starting rotation (we are not), most logical people would agree that it’s basically CC Sabathia and four back-end quality arms (need more proof from Nova).

And once you include Hector Noesi, you have 5 back-end quality arms: Nova, Hughes, Burnett, Garcia, and the aforementioned Noesi.

Now, head about 130 miles northwest to Scranton and you have three pitchers that all the beatwriters and internet dorks tout as additional depth in the Yankees rotation: David Phelps, DJ Mitchell, and Adam Warren.

While we agree that these three give the Yankees additional depth, no one projects these kids as anything more than back-of-the rotation arms. And since the Yankees re-signed Freddy Garcia, there’s no one they can replace (barring injury). This means all three of them will go through another year at AAA, which isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it’s quite obvious that they are blocked.

This is a much different case than Dellin Betances and Manny Banuelos who project as upper-rotation arms. When they’re ready, they’ll push someone out. For Phelps, Mitchell, and Warren, that’s not happening. They really have nothing left to prove. They all had good years at AAA:

By using a bit of common sense, it’s clear as day that any type of consistent role in the Bronx is not in their cards. It’s not a knock on these pitchers, they’re just nowhere for them to go in the Yankees’ organization.

Thus, they either rot away in AAA, waiting for an injury or spot start in the Boogie Down, or they should be traded. They certainly should have value to other clubs.

In prelude to the Winter Meetings, Ca$hMoney stated:

“We’re having our conversations,” Cashman told reporters in advance of the Winter Meetings. “We’re talking to other clubs. We’ve got prospects people like, but we like them too. If it makes sense, we’re ready to rock and roll.”

It’s time to rock & roll on these three.

This message was brought to you by NoMaas Offseason Idea #6.

We’ve notified the paramedics, Mr. Warren.