In March 2010, Bill Conlin of the Philadelphia Daily News told a NoMaas reader to basically go f*** himself after the reader tried to have a rational baseball debate with the Hall of Fame sportswriter. You can read the full exchange here.

Maybe if the NoMaas reader was a bit younger, Conlin would have treated him differently….

Philadelphia Inquirer:

Three women and a man say they were molested as children by Bill Conlin, a Hall of Fame baseball writer and Philadelphia Daily News columnist.

In vivid accounts, the four say Conlin groped and fondled them and touched their genitals in assaults in the 1970s, when they were ages 7 to 12.

“This is a tragedy,” said Kelley Blanchet, a niece of Conlin’s who said he molested her when she was a child. “People have kept his secret. It’s not just the victims, it’s the victims’ families. There were so many people who knew about this and did nothing.”

Conlin retired Tuesday from the Daily News, where he had worked for more than four decades.

“I can’t even begin to express the shock, sadness, and outrage I feel by what Bill Conlin is alleged to have done,” said Daily News editor Larry Platt, who immediately accepted Conlin’s offer to retire.

*Thanks to Ryan, Brian, and Ike for tipping us off to the story.