In the our Stealth Bomber series, we talk to players in the farm system who aren’t yet on the New York radar, but hope one day to be so.

Ben Gamel was drafted by the Yankees in the 10th round of the 2010 draft. Committed to Florida State, the Yankees convinced Gamel to forgo the tomahawks and join the organization out of high school with an above-slot bonus. In 2011, the Florida product helped lead the Staten Island Yankees (A-) to a league championship, hitting .289./373/.432 over 55 games. His older brother, Mat, will likely be the starting first baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers this season. In the midst of Spring Training, NoMaas’ Sensei John Kreese sat down with the 19-year old lefty to talk about his season at Staten Island, hitting adjustments, his big-league brother, and more.

Sensei John Kreese: How’s spring training going so far?

Ben Gamel: Going well.

SJK: Did you go to the minicamp?

BG: Yes.

SJK: And then did you get to go home for a while?

BG: Yeah, for about two weeks.

SJK: What types of things are you working on in the spring?

BG: Trying to get timing back. Trying to find my arm slot. Trying to get back to where I was in the season.

SJK: Tell me how you think last season went.

BG: It was a success. We had a great group of guys. We won the league. I was happy with what I did and was able to contribute to that.

SJK: When we talked to Angelo, he said you were one of the guys that impressed him — he said that you really heated up towards the end of the season.

BG: Yeah, I did. I was out for about 3 weeks because I broke my finger. I was struggling, didn’t have that much confidence. And then when I came back, I hit a stride and went from there.

SJK: What clicked?

BG: The time off for my broken finger was actually a good thing. Me and the hitting coach, Ty Hawkins, figured some stuff out. It really helped me. We put in the work.

SJK: What did you figure out?

BG: The positioning of my hands. I moved them up, pre-pitch.

SJK: Along those same lines, what do you think you strengths are as a hitter and where do you need to improve?

BG: There’s always room for improvement. I need to get bigger and stronger, so I can impact the baseball more and stride more towards the ball.

SJK: What about defensively?

BG: My arms need to get stronger…it all ties in to getting stronger.

SJK: So what type of training are you doing to achieve the goal of getting stronger? Weights?

BG: Weight training, yeah. I also worked out with Grady Zapata [personal trainer]. He helped me and my brother a ton.

SJK: Big year for your brother this year.

BG: Yeah, huge year.

SJK: Was he excited when Prince Fielder signed elsewhere?

BG: I don’t know if he was excited that he left, because he and Prince were pretty good friends. But Mat is excited about the opportunity that he has.

SJK: He’s having a big spring so far too [.318/.423/.773].

BG: Yeah, he’s swinging the bat well.

SJK: Was there competition between you two growing up?

BG: He’s seven years older than me. We’ve always been close. And now we’re closer than we’ve ever been.

SJK: Has he offered you any advice on what you’ll go through?

BG: I saw him go through it. Don’t get me wrong, he always beat the sh** out of me. He puts it on me.

SJK: Is he still bigger than you?

BG: Oh yeah, way bigger.

SJK: So you still can’t beat him up yet?

BG: No, not yet. Maybe one day.

SJK: My little brother is bigger than me now.

BG: That gives me hope.

SJK: So, you saw your brother go through the minors. Is there anything about the minor league experience that was different than you expected?

BG: My first spring training. Everyone was saying how crazy it was going to be. It wasn’t like that. It was really relaxed and laid back. You just go about your business.

SJK: When I talked to some of your teammates, they told me that the Yankees don’t drill you into the ground. In other words, they don’t make you do hours and hours of practice. It’s not that type of environment. Is that true?

BG: Yeah, it’s true.

SJK: At the beginning of the season, do they set certain objectives for you?

BG: Yeah, we have “objective meetings” where we go over the previous year.

SJK: Did they already do that with you?

BG: Yes.

SJK: What do they want you to work on?

BG: First step in the outfield. They want me to impact the ball more.

SJK: Completely different topic, because I’ve always been curious about this…what do you guys do for food?

BG: We get breakfast and lunch. And for dinner, they give us meal money.

SJK: In high school, you were primarily a center fielder, right?

BG: I played some corners, but the majority of my time was in center.

SJK: So now they have you on the corners.

BG: I’m comfortable in the outfield, more so right than left.

SJK: Why’s that?

BG: I played right all season at Staten Island.

SJK: Have you met any big leaguers since you’ve been in Tampa?

BG: I’ve seen them more than I’ve met them.

SJK: So you didn’t run up to them for an autograph?

BG: [laughs] No. I try not to. I wanted to, believe me.

SJK: What guys at Staten Island stood out to you?

BG: Tyler Austin came up [promotion from GCL] and hit really well. Dante, Cito, Mason, Angie…all those guys.

SJK: Farm is stacked down in those levels.

BG: Yeah, we are.

SJK: Lastly, what are your goals for 2012?

BG: I’d like to break with Charleston. Just improve overall.

SJK: Excellent, Ben. That’s all I have for questions. We appreciate it. We’re look forward to following you this year and building off your success from last season. Best of luck.

BG: Appreciate it. Thanks.

Many thanks to Ben for taking some time out of spring training to chat with us. We wish him the best of luck in the coming season. Make sure you keep an eye on him.