The Raul Ibanez signing was questionable even when we thought he was going to be an exclusive DH. On Sunday, we learned that Girardi plans to use Ibanez in the field, moving this deal completely into the realm of stupidity.

Excluding Ibanez, the Yankees have four outfielders who are capable defensively (to varying degrees), making his appearance out there even more confusing. Just how bad is Ibanez in the field?

Last year, he posted the worst UZR of any outfielder in baseball at -18.9.

Over the past three seasons, Ibanez’s UZR of -21.1 is 7th-worst among all ML OFs. He also ranks in the bottom 10 of outfielders according to both Total Zone and the Fangraphs’ Fan Scouting Report over that same span.

At one time, his bat might have been able to counter this atrocious defense, but Ibanez is clearly showing his age, having a steady decline in wOBA over the past three seasons: .379 to .341 to a backup infielder worthy .306 last season. That last figure, coupled with his defense, led to a -1.3 WAR — good for worst in the majors in 2011. In other words, largely because of his defense, Ibanez was arguably the worst full-time player in baseball last season.

If Ibanez is used exclusively as a lefty DH option and can rebound from last season’s pedestrian .747 OPS versus RHP, then this signing could provide some value. However, if Girardi continues to use him in the field, Ibanez will provide zero to negative value. He has no place anywhere on the field if he’s not wearing a helmet.