From time to time, we like to see how the gambling world is looking at the season. With a month completed, there’s been some shuffling of the favorites, while other teams have dropped considerably. In the pre-season, the Phillies were the favorites, but that has now changed to the Rangers. The Yankees are still right there, even with their early season mediocrity. And obviously, many people aren’t buying the hot starts of certain clubs. Here’s how sports betting sites are currently placing the odds of some notable teams winning the World Series:

(For those unfamiliar, the higher the number, the bigger the longshot)

Yankees +525
Red Sox +1350
Orioles +4250
Rays +825
Blue Jays +2000

Rangers +365 (current favorite)
Tigers +625
Indians +3850
Nationals +1650
Cardinals +875
Phillies +655
Braves +950
Mets +4750