So much MSM ink has been dedicated to covering the Yankees’ struggles with runners in scoring position, and we typically go to bed before West Coast games end (we all sleep in the same bed)…so here’s your post.

Let’s stick with basic OPS and where the Yankees rank in the AL…

RISP: .715, 8th out of 14 (league average .741)
RISP with 2 outs: .661, 10th out of 14 (league average .711)
Bases loaded: .524, 11th out of 14 (league average .730)

It’s been a struggle, obviously. But did you also know that the Yankees have an MLB-low .228 BABIP with RISP? And they’re last by a significant margin. The next one up on the list is San Francisco at .245. So how much of this is the Yankees actually sucking versus just some bad luck?

This leads to a series of other questions…

Does it really take a special skill, separate from a player’s normal abilities, to hit with runners in scoring position? Do hitters swing differently or change their thought-process when there’s a runner on second or third waiting to be knocked in?

Or if a player is a good hitter, will his prowess with RISP eventually catch up to his natural ability? Will the approach that a player takes into his non-RISP at-bats carry over into his RISP at-bats?

We ask you, the NoMaas reader…